Nova BCAA+

NOVA BCAA + is a supplement that combines branched amino acids, glutamine, citrulline malate and electrolytes. The combination of all its elements allows it to outclass conventional BCAAs and to be used by a broad clientele of athletes, as well as those who practice resistance sports, interval or endurance. 



They are essential components of the muscles of the human body. They enter into the composition of about one-third of the proteins in our muscles. BCAAs are therefore necessary for muscle building and recovery.


When sweating, we eliminate a liquid, sweat, which is essentially composed of water and chemical elements (mainly sodium and potassium) called electrolytes. They help maintain the balance of water (fluids) and its distribution between cells (osmosis) while maintaining an optimal pH balance in the body and thus prevent dehydration, fatigue and even muscle cramps.


Glutamine + Citrulline Malate
Glutamine provides better hydration of the cells while citrulline malate allows a better supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. NOVA BCAA Plus does not contain sugar. In addition, it contains iBCAAs (instant BCAAs), of superior quality and which have better dissolution in the liquid than regular BCAAs. We have noticed that athletes who train for a long period of time benefit from the use of NOVA BCAA +.


More precisely at 

  • Athletes who practice resistance training (bodybuilding, CrossFit ©, etc.) for several hours continuously. 
  • Athletes who train in endurance (marathon, cycling, etc.) for several hours continuously.
  • Active people who do not have adequate protein intake or who are in times of caloric restriction. 


Depending on the context, it can help you :


  • Improve your recovery
  • Promote your muscle gain
  • Improve your level of hydration
  • Improve muscle endurance  
  • To reduce fatigue
  • Improve the immune system 


NOVA BCAA+ is assimilated quickly by the body, it can provide various amino acids and electrolytes, before, during and even after training. You can take 1 measure of NOVA BCAA + every 60-90 minutes of training. You can also take 1 measurement before training according to your needs, this product can be combined with the PUSH supplement.

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