Whey isolate

The protein isolate is a by-product of the dairy industry using cow’s milk. Recovered in its raw state, the latter will undergo various microfiltrations in order to be purified and separated from its lactose and fat.


Unique Properties 
  • The bioavailability of the protein isolate is highest among all foods combined (including other protein supplements) because its content and the proportions of branched amino acids (BCAAs) are optimal.
  • Its ratio of essential amino acids is similar to that of the composition of the muscles of the human body.
  • The absorption of our Isolate protein is very fast. Indeed, it is absorbed very quickly, more than a conventional Whey.
  • It does not contain fat or sugar.
  • It is sweetened with stevia, so it does not contain aspartame or sucralose (or any other sweetener).
  •  The most natural protein possible.
  •  The best price / quality ratio, without compromising the quality
  • Have a valid Health Canada Natural Product Number (NPN) to prove that our product is approved and safe.
  • A high quality product, formulated in Quebec, in a laboratory using Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards.
Interesting facts about whey protein in general 

Certain components of these proteins would have beneficial impacts on the immune system. It stimulates muscle mass gain, especially when coupled with resistance training. Moreover, these last properties of Whey particularly explain its frequent use following a training. In addition, Whey is a valuable aid for the preservation of our muscle mass, which tends to diminish with age.


Who can consume Whey Isolate?

It is not necessary to be an athlete to consume whey isolate. Anyone who is unable to consume adequate protein at any time during the day is better off integrating it into their diet. In addition, whey isolate can be part of a smoothie at lunch, be an integral part of a snack or more specifically be used as a pillar of our post-workout nutrition.

  • Highest protein
  • Fast absorption

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