Pre-Workout Push

The novative PUSH pre-workout supplement has been formulated according to the latest scientific research. The latter is considered a versatile dietary supplement, allowing you to improve all aspects of your performance; from strength, through your concentration to improving your endurance.

  • It does not contain fat or sugar
  • It is sweetened mainly with stevia 
  • The best price / quality ratio, according to the ingredients and dosages found there, without compromising the quality.
  • Contains effective assays and approved by science 
  • Have a valid Health Canada Natural Product Number (NPN) to prove our product is approved.
  • A high quality product, formulated in Quebec, in a laboratory using Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards. 
Propriétés uniques

Depending on the context, it can help you:

  • Improve overall performance 
  • Promote endurance 
  • To reduce fatigue
  • Promote concentration
  • Promote the increase of strength and muscle mass 
  • The pre-workout PUSH is part of the category of nutritional supplements for sports performance.
Who can consume it

People aged 18 and over, without health problems. We strongly suggest you start with ½ measure to evaluate the effect and your tolerance to the product. Subsequently, gradually increase to 1 measure. Take note of all contraindications on the back of the pot before the consumption of the latter.

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